Young & Sick
3 min readDec 19, 2022

We’ve been head down building our foundation for the next decade of YOUNG & SICK. We couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve been up too, with lots to come in 23’.

Barflies: Misfits of the Metaverse —

We launched our genesis Barflies, 100 wasted weirdos, a year ago with a simple idea to open a dive bar that could live throughout the digital world.

We have big plans, and need that dive bar to fit a lot more of you. It will be our first HQ. V1 is about ready. Created in Unreal Engine, we’ll be able to open bars all over The Metaverse. More on that in 23’.

Sandbox —

Our bar has a home in Sandbox as well. We have nine plots of land in The Euphoria District by BAYC. Opening as soon as Sandbox allows…

The Ethereum Falcon —

We sold this NFT as a concept last year, with plans to start building out little arcade games on the blockchain. This will be our first of what we hope will be many arcades existing in a robust ecosystem that is the Barflies Arcade. Our games are fun to play first. On-chain/in-game assets, proof of achievement, and tournament based competition are how we plan to build this out.

It took us a second to find the right dev team, but we’re confident we have some amazing talent working with us now on this. We’ll begin Alpha testing The Ethereum Falcon Q1 next year.

New Website —

A new website is set to launch early next year. This will be an ever evolving entity, but serve as a home base for all things around our project. Excited for you all to see this thing live.

Merch —

Our first proper merch collection drops next year with the new site. We’ve built a great team to help us bring products to life. Items will be available to both the general public, and limited edition items token gated for holders behind a great tool built by Manifold.


Lastly, we have a very special piece Nick’s been drawing for months. It will launch in January. An ode to this past year if you will…. stay tuned 👀