Young & Sick
4 min readSep 14, 2021


This Thursday, September 16th, we will have our next drop on Nifty Gateway. This is deeply special, as we’ve been in overdrive to really elevate the art and rewards. A few housekeeping notes, and then we’ll dive into the mechanics of it all.

Our team is growing-

We have giant plans for the future, and this community is everything to us. To help scale everything we have some new faces on our team.

Emily (EMurph on Discord) is helping Nick day to day with all things art, merch, and beyond.

Bry (Bryz on Discord) is joining to help Aaron build everything operationally and keep this machine moving smoothly so we can grow. We’re lucky to have them on the team.

‘JoeMamma’ has been elevated to a Mod role in our Discord. He is someone we call a friend + has great taste in tunes! ‘Directive Creator’ is also helping run things time to time as an overall super knowledgable lovely human in this space….

and of course you’ll still see lots of our friend MagMaster who has guided and set up our community from the start. We are very grateful.

We have acquired Metaverse land and partnered with LandVault-

NFTBoomer and Dr. Satsuma run a world class Metaverse company called LandVault

We have formed a strategic partnership with big plans to take over The Metaverse. It’s our long term bet on the future of our community outside of our drops and Barflies (up next, more soon!). We have acquired a 3x3 plot in Sandbox (this is massive / our logo is going on the map!), a small plot in Decentraland, an island in Nifty Island, and exploring a few other Metaverse as well. Stay tuned.

We plan to build some wild worlds so we can all hang and have fun, and give our NFTs tons of additional utility. Will share some building plans asap-


Overview: Welcome to the Etherium Falcon. In this ship, you will save our galaxy. This NFT is a glimpse into our first arcade game being developed. This will be sold as an open edition.

Rewards: While this piece isn’t required to play the game at launch. That said, you’ll be happy you have one if you believe in The Falcon…

Hold the piece one month from the primary sale to receive a free high end digital print!

Overview: Receive one of these three pieces. Each with its own utility and reward set. One Y&S piece required for entry.

Diamond Hands — Buy this piece on the primary OR within one week of primary sale. A snapshot will be taken on 9/23 of owners. Never sell. Those who hold this piece in six months will be rewarded with an airdrop. Hold this piece + that airdrop, and one last airdrop a year from the date of this primary sale. HODL

Cheetah Gang — This is our Cheetah Bored Ape. He obviously needs a merch line. Hold this piece one month from the date of the primary sale (+ any of our past Open Editions), and we’ll get you on the list to snag a free piece of merch with this beautiful ape on it.

In Doge We Trust (Reprise) — Hold this piece + any of our past Open Editions in a month, and we’ll send you an original piece of art on a dollar.

Overview: Kitties will be a staple for years to come. Collecting at least one kitty from each drop will continue to open up airdrop rewards as well as Metaverse rewards. Two mechanics here:

Psilio Kitty — This will cost 4.19 (Bike Day!) and is only open to past Kitty Holders. This will be a drawing of 20.

All the other Kitties will also be an edition of 20, but be a ranked auction. Bid what you will. The top 20 bids will each get a Kitty. Your rank in the auction will determine the edition number.

Reward: The next Kitty airdrop will only be open to holders of Kitties from both drops.

Overview: Our first programmable piece of art. Four pieces of art, four animations, four pieces of music. The piece will change states 4x a day. This will be an edition of 5.

Reward: Owners one month post drop will receive this piece in a beautiful Infinite Objects frame. The piece in the frame will change 4x an hour, every 15 mins, starting at the top of each hour.

Note* — Infinite Objects cannot play music.