Young & Sick
3 min readDec 13, 2021


Barflies (Season One) is a series of 100 ONE–OF-ONES

Here is everything you need to know:

Barflies will be released in small batches. All hand drawn with fine-liners before being digitally colored, Barflies come with:

Full IP + Commercial Rights

Files sized for all devices- Phones, Tables, Computers, Smart Watches

Twitter, OpenSea, etc banners to accompany your Barfly

Barflies will grant each holder a vote in the YOUNG & SICK / BARFLY ecosystem as community decisions may require—


1 — Mint directly at random—WHITE LIST— .5 ETH EACH:

  • First Whitelist Batch: These are core members who have been actively contributing in our Discord for a long time now, hold a high Mee6 Bot rank, and/or have contributed with time and energy advising the project — 20 TOTAL / RANDOMLY ASSIGNED BARLFY
  • Second Whitelist Batch: The next batch will be a randomly drawn white list. Must have a mint pass (any past YOUNG & SICK NFT)+ come enter via the giveaway bot in our Discord (verify yourself). Bot will pick the winners on 12/14. All official links to our NFTs can be found in the ‘official-links’ channel in our Discord — TOTAL / RANDOMLY ASSIGNED BARFLY

2 — Auction over on OpenSea — Have your heart set on a specific new little buddy? Bid on it! — Min bid .5E each. Auction runs 24 hours once first bid is placed. — 30 TOTAL / BID ON YOUR FAVORITE(S)

3 — Ranked Choice Auction on Nifty Gateway — Your rank determines the order in which you get to choose your Barfly. Pop into our Discord, and send a mod your top 5 choices. The higher your rank on the leaderboard, the more likely you are to get the Barfly you have your eye on. — 20 TOTAL

**Note — Rank choice auction winners (20 total) will get a placeholder NFT when the auction closes. That placeholder will be taken out of your wallet once you claim your Barfly. All Barflies available will be visible on the drop page.


We’re always thinking about the future. Barflies held over time will unlock new surprises……